New Tires

Time to replace your tires? A lot of factors go into selecting new tires: traction, Camarillo weather conditions, handling, load capacity, , tread life, looks, warranty and price. CA driving conditions vary from commuting to rock crawling; from blistering deserts to the frozen tundra – and everything in between. Your Camarillo Independent Automotive tire professional can help you strike the proper balance.

If you’re happy with your current wheels, then talk with your Camarillo tire professional about where you drive, if you tow or carry heavy loads, if you’re sensitive to tire noise – things like that. He or she can suggest options appropriate for your particular needs.

Camarillo drivers looking for new wheels need to keep in mind some practical matters. For example, you may want large wheels and low profile tires for your SUV. But if you plan to do some off-roading around the Newbury Park area, there may not be low profile tires that work well in dirt and mud – and low profile tires won’t protect your rims from rocks leading to damage. You need a tire and wheel combination that meets all your needs.

Also, electronic safety systems like anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control are calibrated for a specific rolling diameter tire. If you’re going larger or smaller, the systems need to be recalibrated to work as intended.

Along the same lines, extremely large tires and wheels may not fit inside your wheel wells causing the tires to rub when you turn or go over bumps. You may require suspension modifications to safely accommodate the look you’re going after. Same goes for very small tires and wheels.

Just ask your friendly and knowledgeable Camarillo Independent Automotive tire professional for ideas to help you get the look you want with a tire that meets your safety and performance needs. Camarillo Indy is America’s Tire experts.

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