Your Car’s Suspension

Let’s talk about your suspension – you know, the system that connects your wheels to your vehicle, controls your handling and delivers a good ride as you cruise around Camarillo CA. Your suspension is critical for proper steering, stopping, and stability. Hey, it’s a rough world out there in CA – every time you hit a pothole, a […]

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Tire Alignment

It’s no surprise that your vehicle will drive better in Ventura County if all the wheels are pointed in the same direction. That’s called wheel alignment. If your wheels are out of alignment you may notice that your vehicle pulls to one side or the other. Something that you won’t notice right away, but you […]

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New Tires

Time to replace your tires? A lot of factors go into selecting new tires: traction, Camarillo weather conditions, handling, load capacity, , tread life, looks, warranty and price. CA driving conditions vary from commuting to rock crawling; from blistering deserts to the frozen tundra – and everything in between. Your Camarillo Independent Automotive tire professional […]

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