ABS Anti-lock Brakes

There’s a common misconception that Anti-Lock Brakes help you stop faster.  That is not always the case on loose gravel or snowy surfaces.  Anti-Lock Brakes, in fact, are designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle in an emergency braking situation.  Imagine you are driving on a snowy road.  You need to slam on […]

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Anti-lock Brakes

We rely on our brakes to safely slow and stop our vehicles. You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve slammed on your brakes and started to skid. When your wheels are locked up, you are just sliding over the road. And if the road is wet or slick or covered with gravel – you really get out […]

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Brake Replacement

Disc Brakes Your brakes are extremely important as you drive around Camarillo CA. Having good brakes just keeps you out of trouble. You’ll want to carefully maintain your brakes. With disc brakes, brake pads rub on a disc – or rotor – to slow the wheels. Car brake pad replacement can keep your family safe. […]

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